Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebration Time!

 You are getting to the end of your Whole30 and it is time to CEL-A-BRATE!!! I would imagine previously you may have chosen a big cupcake, glass of wine, or a meat lovers pizza to make this celebration happen. But you have changed, you realize that you actually LIKE the way healthy food makes you feel and you are ready for a different type of party. Today, make a plan for your "treat" that you will give yourself when you are done.

Maybe it will be some cool new shoes for the gym:
A sweet accessory for your new skinny wrist:
MICHELE 'Tahitian Jelly Bean' Colorblock Watch 
Maybe splurge on a knife for all the delicious Paleo food you will continue to eat:
Have some flowers delivered to yourself at work or at home:
Assorted Tulips, 15-30 Stems
Buy yourself some new bedding for the sleep you never knew you could have:
Go on an adventure:
There are millions of ideas out there besides the sugar covered, carb overloaded, cheat that will leave you feeling like this:
So the "tip" for today is treat yourself the best way you know how. Plan a celebration for the end of your Whole30 that won't leave you feeling sick and WILL leave you feeling like this:

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