Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nutrition in 60 Seconds

Have you come across the million dollar questions, "What diet are you on???". Every time I am asked this, I have a little *sigh* inside because I know the looming conversation with continue one of two ways.
1- I will encourage someone to check out a new way of eating (this is always exciting, but not the norm)
2- I will have a list of odd questions fired at me like, "Isn't quinoa is a healthy grain, where do you get your fiber, what about your cholesterol, how do you eat enough calcium?" That is usually the time I suggest they read It Starts With Food if they want more information, and try to back out of the conversation slowly.
Today, you can put a summative response in your back pocket for the next time you encounter a question asker, or a negative Nancy. Check out this post by whole9. It is nutrition in 60 seconds and is brilliant. I love their positive approach to healthy eating. When you explain your lifestyle to someone this way, it takes all the defensiveness out and it simply becomes about the information. Enjoy!

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