Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Miracle Food

So often we take it for granted that our bodies are amazing machines! We are able to use the food we eat to do all sorts of complicated things. Our quality of life, our interactions with others, our ability to love and be joyful all come from the foundation of our bodies.
When I go home to these guys:
I often think, "I am going to treat them by taking them for a walk or to the park". When I buy them food or a snack at the pet store I hunt for all natural and healthy ingredients. Why? Because I love them! Because I care about their bodies and their health!
If you are pet owner, or a parent, you can relate to me. We find it to be a "no-brainer" to feed our loved ones healthy foods and encourage them to be active. Why then, do we overlook ourselves? We should love our bodies just as much, and feel just as happy to treat ourselves to good foods and healthy activities. The reality is it somehow becomes a "chore" in our own personal lives.
I hope today you are able to flip that switch! When you think about the dinner you are going to prepare for yourself tonight, get excited about it. Look forward to giving your body the miracle food of good nutrition! And when you think about your next trip to the gym, you should feel the same anticipation you would feel if you were to take your little ones to the park. (On a side note if you loathe the gym- find something else that is fun! Since when did physical activity become as dreaded as cleaning the toilets in your house? There are many ways to be active- rediscover your inner child and PLAY.)
Check out this article and testimonial about how our food can actually become a miracle for all sorts of pains and aliments. Stop poisoning your bodies and treat yourself to a healthy diet! You are worth it. Enjoy!

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