Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fish Oil Anyone?

If you are still taking those fish oil pills, it is time to UPGRADE!!! Stronger, Faster, Healthier has the highest quality fish oil around. Check out this link to go to their site, or come by our gym to pick yours up today.

Don't be fooled into thinking you can "fish oil" your way out of your poor food choices. I have heard people on various occasions say, "Oh man I am going to have to take extra fish oil to counteract that!". Unfortunately, there is not a "clear all" medicine that will erase or undue poor food choices. Now you have just added more fat to your bad choice (probably high in sugar) and compounded your problem. It is important to maintain a good consistent amount of fish oil, but remember to keep it in balance and get yourself the best option out there.

Step 1: healthy balanced diet, Step 2: supplementation, including fish oil. For a clear and full explination of this topic and a fish oil calculator click here.

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