Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nutrition is the Foundation!

Many of you are at the gym often, working hard and giving it your all. You may be wondering why your body isn't reflecting all your hard work. You may also be noticing that you are not having much growth in the gym. The truth is: it all starts with nutrition! The cool and frustrating thing about our bodies is we can't fake good nutrition. When we make poor food choices our body reflects that. But on the flip side when we make good food choices our bodies become an amazing machine! If you feel frustrated with your progress don't be mad at your body. Take a good look in the mirror and have an honest conversation with yourself. I guarantee there is something you can tweak in your diet to obtain better results. Hang in there! Learning what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat of it takes time. Keep educating yourself and make changes when you can and you will begin to see some progress!

Check out this link. It discusses the importance of a strong foundation of nutrition. We are all on this journey together. Keep up the good work!

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