Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Inflammation Affects Our Hunger Responses

I think most of us give our "wants" too much credit. We think, oh my body really wants this or that because we are craving it. We seem to think our bodies know best, but we forget that our bodies are responding to the food we are giving it. Our crummy diets are affecting our bodies messaging systems and sending us the wrong messages. It is time to reboot our systems and clear up the pathways for a healthier life. Check out this blog post from Robb Wolf. In it he writes: "When the down regulation of receptors occurs our hypothalamus goes into a protective, starvation mode and increases our appetite and decreases our willingness to exercise. " So the food we eat is literally sending us a message to move less and eat more!?!? Ahhh- stop the insanity. Let your brain do the choosing not your body. Remember, you can do it, and your health is worth the trouble! :)

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  1. Love! I get so tired of hearing comments that imply that because, "I'm craving ____" there's no choice, it must be eaten! ;)