Friday, June 15, 2012

Shop Like a Detective

Did you know the numbers on the produce stickers actually mean something? Well they do! They are called PLU numbers and the tell you whether the produce was grown organically, genetically engineered (modified in a lab to produce larger, or brighter colors resulting in a less than quality food) or grown with chemically fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides. You can now shop like a detective as you roam your local supermarket. Below is a break down of the PLU numbers and what they stand for.

4 Digit Code Beginning With a "3" or a "4":
- Conventionally grown. This most likely means it was grown using a variety of chemical treatments.

5 Digit Code Beginning With an "8":
-Genetically Engineered. It may have been treated with chemicals.

5 Digit Code Beginning With a "9":
-Raised Organically. This produce was raised without the use of chemicals.

Here is an easy way to remember these numbers:
#9- is divine
#8- we hate
#3-4- total bore

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