Friday, August 3, 2012

Does Your Kitchen Inspire You?

Does your kitchen inspire you? Do you walk into your kitchen and feel like being creative? My kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in my house. Not only because I love to cook, but because I have some of my favorite decorations and accessories in there. First of all it is painted butter cream yellow, does it get any better? I have a little arm chair with this cool pillow my sister made out of a coffee bean bag. 

I have special pictures of those I love and one of my favorite wall hangings displayed. 

I also have this little dish I use for my scrub brush next to my sink. It is special because I found in an ally store with my husband in Italy.

 They aren't much, and probably don't do anything for most people, but the point is- they inspire ME! I have lots of good memories in there. When I see that little armchair I remember all the friends and family members that sat there and the funny, deep, or random conversations we had. When I look at my kitchen, I smile. I want to be in there, and I feel inspired and welcomed to do so. 

Your kitchen should do the same for you. Don't let it feel like a sterile workhouse. Add what is important to you. Go splurge on a cute apron that makes you feel like a sassy kitchen beast:  

Or buy a cute dish towel that makes you smile, even if you did just burn your dinner. (I know you or I never do this, but I'm just talking to the other people who may ;) ) 

Maybe a new set of measuring spoons will brighten your cooking experience:

Whatever is your cup of tea- get it into your kitchen. Be inspired by your workspace, and have fun with the creation of your food! Enjoy!


  1. Personally, it's finding interesting websites and reading about what others are up to that inspire me :)

  2. Me too- and Pintrest, don't forget Pintrest!