Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Calories That Don't Count

One of the best things, for me, about Paleo eating is that I no longer feel enslaved to my food. I don't have to weigh or measure each bite. I don't have to get out my cardboard calorie counter while I am out to dinner to try to decide what I should or shouldn't eat. I just. eat. real. food. The End. The freedom of that statement is still liberating to me. The truth behind that is that I still have to be mindful of they type of Paleo food I eat. I cannot expect to be in good health eating watermelon all day. My body won't function well working through 4 cups of almonds in a serving. Often times we can get caught up into the concept that some calories don't count, or that because it is "Paleo" we can go crazy and eat all we want to. Check out this article by the Primal Docs refocusing us on the purpose of our Paleo diet and the encouragement to walk away from the bite of birthday cake. There isn't a magical food or prayer that will make the calories disappear. What we put into our mouths will be digested and affect our bodies. It is a good reminder for us on our Paleo journey. Enjoy!

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