Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Movie Time and Book Review: Our Food Choices Matter

Recently, I have been researching where my food comes from. What I have learned is that my food choice matters. From industry driven farming, to factory animal farms, the widespread mistreatment of people and animals is devastating. My first step was understanding what was going on. Insert Move: Food Inc. and book: Eating Animals here. I will be honest some of the movie and the book was emotionally hard to get through. Yet I did get through it, and I don't think I will ever be the same.
I immediately researched some local farms that raise animals with care. What I found was encouraging! (Something I really needed after the dark reality of the book and movie) Sustainable and humane farms are out there and with a little bit of extra work on our parts we can make a better choice.

I make a vote with my fork every time I go out to dinner or shop at a grocery store, and you can do the same. I would encourage you to watch Food Inc. and/or read the book Eating Animals soon. I checked both out from our local library so it didn't cost me a dime. Looking for a local farm for your beef, chicken, or pork options? has an amazing user friendly website. You can even rent a goat to come and "mow" your yard. . . uh. . AWESOME!!! Enjoy.


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