Monday, April 9, 2012

Fresh Scrambled Eggs In A Cup

Ever had one of those mornings: you are late for work, you frantically open your fridge hoping there is some food you can scrap together to take with you only to find a half empty jar of salsa and some raw eggs? If you have access to a microwave you are in luck! A delicious snack/meal is on your horizon. Check out this simple and effective recipe for how to make yourself some scrambled eggs in a cup.

Fresh Scrambled Eggs In A Cup
Raw Eggs
Salsa, veggies, leftover meat (really anything you have on hand that you like to eat with eggs)
Salt/Pepper/Butter to taste. 

Crack raw eggs into your cup. Add salt and pepper. Place cup into the microwave. Cook for 30 second increments stirring each time until eggs are completely cooked. Cooking time depends on the number of eggs you use. Add extra ingredients to eggs and enjoy!

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