Friday, March 23, 2012

Fresh Deviled Eggs

Getting tired of those plain hard boiled eggs? I know I was, so I decided to use the hard boiled eggs in my refrigerator and make some Paleo "inspired" deviled eggs. (I say inspired because I used the organic olive oil mayo, which isn't 100% Paleo) If you are feeling "chef-like" try this recipe for Paleo mayo. I haven't tried it, but if anyone out there does, let me know how it goes!

Fresh Deviled Eggs
Hard Boiled Eggs
Pickles cut into small pieces
Pepperoncini cut into small pieces

*Remove shell from hard boiled eggs.

*Cut egg in 1/2 lengthwise. Remove yoke and put into a bowl. Save the whites for the end.

*Once all the eggs have been divided and yoked add mayo, mustard, pickles, pepperoncini's and pepper to the yokes. Depending on your tastes you may add more or less of any one ingredient. Start with a small amount and add till satisfied. The mixture should be well blended yet hold together.

*Spoon the yoke filling into eggs.

*Sprinkle eggs with paprika.

*Serve and enjoy!

PS- these also make a great snack or treat for a party!


  1. Love the added peppers and pickles, what a great idea! Gotta share my favorite deviled egg tip...put the yolks with the other ingredients into a ziploc bag, smash together and then cut the corner off of the bag and use it to squeeze the filling (icing-style) into the eggs. It's fabulous! :)

  2. Uh- genius! That a great trick. Thanks. :)

  3. Caroline RobergeJune 18, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    I make a triple batch of Paleo mayo each week. It is so good!!

  4. Oh awesome! Do you use the recipe I posted or another one?