Friday, March 9, 2012

Fresh Lunch Rolls

Not long into my new Paleo life, I began to remember back to the days of quick and easy lunches from Subway. The pickles, lunch meat, veggies, peperoncinis, yum! Then I found this idea and the trip down memory lane made a quick u-turn. I have been making these lunch wraps ever since. You can make them into single rolls or add toothpicks (as pictured) and cut up for a fabulous hors d'oeuvre.

Fresh Lunch Rolls

Turkey Breast Lunch Meat
Ham Lunch Meat
(Applegate has some great organic options for lunchmeat- look for it at your grocery store)
Your choices of veggies (ie- spinach, tomatoes, peperoncini, pickles, red peppers, olives, etc)
Oregano (optional)
Mayo (not paleo - optional)

Lay out lunch meat over each other. I start with the ham since it holds together the best, then lay one piece of turkey on top followed by 2 pieces of salami side by side. (In the picture I didn't use salami since we were out of it, but you see the idea)
Next add your condiments and veggies.
Even picky eaters, (not to mention any names -ahem) like the ones on the left, will enjoy these wraps. They can be modified to anyone's tastes.

Sprinkle oregano over the ingredients. (Optional)

Roll up.
You can enjoy them as is, or you can add toothpicks and cut for your dinner party. (See pictures below)