Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hipster "Bacon"

Recently it has been pretty "cool" to be into bacon. You can find bacon socks, bacon necklaces, bacon shirts, bacon candy, bacon anything! Hipsters sport their fatty accessories and Paleo lovers enjoy the strips of heaven. BUT, is all bacon created equal???? Is it a good idea to eat the whole batch of that sizzling meat in one serving? Let's just slow down the trendy train and take a look at what we are consuming. We know that any toxins an animal ingests will be filtered out into his fat. (This is one reason why we should be choosing grass fed, organic meat) We also know that pigs are one of the most mistreated and widely factory farmed animal. So maybe we should take a second look at that food choice. It may be trendy to wear bacon socks, but your body may not think its so cool when you are making poor bacon choices, or overeating your portions. Check out this blog by Whole9. It gives some great information regarding your bacon selection. It made me look at bacon in a whole new way, hopefully it will do the same for you.

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