Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I first started eating Paleo over a year ago I would give myself "Paleo Cheat Days". Since I was trying to lose weight, I was watchful of my fruit and fat intake. I kept it to one fruit a day and a little fat with each meal. On these "Paleo Cheat Days" I would eat fruit, enjoy Kind bars, make a special muffin recipe, eat a bunch of bacon, enjoy almond butter, the list goes on. Since I wasn't pigging out on pizza, and cupcakes my recovery wasn't too difficult.

Amazingly, over time I stopped feeling the need for these "Paleo Cheats." It also helped because I would PLAN to enjoy something I was really missing, not just eating crazy crud because I was tired and didn't have energy to cook. This gave me a mental break from the overwhelming pressure of a life change. Don't forget people- changing the way you have eaten for 30+ years is hard work! It takes time to feel normal.

Every once in a while I still enjoy splurging on a few Paleo treats. Here is a great recipe from one of my favorite sites for Paleo baking. If you don't have or like agave nectar, try the recipe with honey.

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