Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snacks on the Go

Let's be honest eating whole, real food is easy. If I put a grilled steak down in front of most people, they don't need much convincing to gobble it down. Furthermore, you don't need to explain to me why eating food with chemicals and extra processing is bad for me.

The REALITY is eating Paleo isn't hard because we have to wrap our minds around the concepts that chemicals are bad to ingest. And we don't need to change our taste buds to enjoy real food. The trouble comes when we are in a rush, and find ourselves surrounded with puffed cheesey this and carmely chocolatey that. I may have a soultion for you. . .

Check out these Primal Pacs for some delicious Paleo snack packs. Buy them in bulk and leave them at your work, in your car, or your pantry for a quick on the go pick me up. So the next time the vending machine calls your name, you can ignore the call and enjoy a Paleo treat!

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